Creating balance, inside and out.

   Balance You Personal Training

How good is your balance?

Here is a simple test that you can take using no equipment. Make sure to clear the area around you. Stand up tall with your feet hip width apart. Keeping your hips and shoulders level, shift your weight onto your right foot and lift your left knee to hip height. Hold that position for 10 seconds and then repeat on your left foot. If you fall or if your elevated knee drops, your balance is off. If you found this to be too easy, try the same test but this time, close your eyes. Were you able to hold each position for 10 seconds? With balance, we tend to have good days and bad so if you found yourself tipping over, you may want to try again in a couple days to see if you get the same results. If you are still not able to successfully complete the tests, you may want to start including balance exercises into your workouts. 

Strengthen from the inside out.

Focus on Core/Balance Stabilization

No matter what your fitness goals are, to lose weight, gain muscle, improve in a sport, or just simple feel better, our focus will always start with the core. In my opinion, core stabilization is the foundation for any and all types of fitness activities. I had always believed that I inherited my "bad back" from my parents and grandparents who have all suffered and are currently suffering from extreme back problems. It wasn't until I started strengthening the muscles that actually support my back that I realized I could overcome what I had thought to be my destiny. I now lift twice as much as I used to with far less back aches! Core strength is everything!

Another area we will focus on is balance. Using proprioceptively enriched environments (performing exercises standing on one leg, use of a BOSU, wobble board, etc.), causes our bodies to use its internal balance and stabilization muscles. Balance is an important skill for everyone, especially as we age to prevent falling. We use our sense of balance while playing sports, dancing , skiing and many other things. As we get older, we tend to participate less in activities that use our sense of balance and unfortunately, the less we use it, the worse it gets. And just like core specific exercises, incorporating balance exercises will improve your chances of staying strong and injury free.