Current Classes:

Core/Strength Program

(Intro to Weight Training)

 Monday, Wednesday, Friday




Tuesday, Thursday





Got Muscle?


Small Group Training 3-6 participants per 45-60min session

Month to Month

1x week = $40

2x week = $72

3x week = $90

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Small Group Training 

What is Small Group Training?

Small Group Training (SGT) is a cross between Personal Training and Group Exercise (Bootcamp/Group Classes.) SGT has been growing in popularity since it offers the best of both worlds. While a Personal Trainer provides the greatest amount of personal attention and gives the best chance for success, it can get pricey over time. Larger Group classes, such as bootcamps, are more affordable but it is difficult to give participants the individual attention they need to achieve their own personal goals. Small Group Training sessions have only 3-8 participants. This enables the Trainer to give each participant his/her own personal guidance to ensure that they are doing the exercises correctly and at a level suited for them, all while allowing them to share in the cost of the session.

Friends make fitness more fun!

Creating balance, inside and out.

   Balance You Personal Training

What kind of workouts will we do?

Core Stability/Strength:

During our current classes, we will be focusing on strengthening our bodies from the inside out. Core strength is important as it reduces our risk of injury, in and out of the gym. It also helps to improve posture, gain better balance, alleviate lower back pain, and will even make breathing a little easier.  

You will be provided with a core strengthening program to do at home that is personalized to meet your own needs and capabilities.  Progression is monitored one day a week in class to adjust your program as needed. 

Weight Training:

We will be toning and building lean muscle through weight training. In order to maximize results and prevent injury, proper form is crucial. We'll be breaking it all down, learning techniques such as breathing, core engagement, and posture. Workout logs are provided so that you can record the amount of weight and reps you are doing for each set and you will then be shown how to use that information to ensure you are working in the correct zone to achieve the results you want. My goal is not only to help you reach the results you want, but to also help teach you how to maintain those results long after you stop coming to my class. 

All programs are progressive and as we advance through the phases, we will see* and feel our bodies becoming stronger!

*Disclaimer: This is not a weight loss program. You will not lose weight with strength training alone.

Proper nutrition and cardio exercise will help to burn the fat that may be covering up those muscles we are building. ;)