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   Balance You Personal Training

Current Class Times:

 Monday, Wednesday, Friday


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Got Muscle?

Small Group Training 


Small Group Training 3-6 participants per 45-60min session

Month to Month

2x week = $88

3x week = $120

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If you do not see a class time that works for you but are still interested in group training, contact me to see if we can get a new class time started.

What kind of workouts will we do?

At Balance You, we focus on strength and conditioning through a variety of methods. Examples include building strength with weight training and bodyweight challenges, conditioning via circuits, HIIT, Tabata, and even "unconventional" means to mix things up, promote constant adaptation, and keep things fresh and evolving. Anyone who is free from injury can participate in these classes as all exercises are modified to fit each individual's personal capabilities. In just one month, you can expect to look and feel stronger as well as have an increase in energy and self confidence.  

​​What is Small Group Training?

Small Group Training (SGT) is a cross between Personal Training and Group Exercise (Bootcamp/Group Classes.) SGT offers the best of both worlds. While a Personal Trainer provides the greatest amount of personal attention, it can get pricey over time. Larger Group classes, such as bootcamps, are more affordable but it is difficult to give participants the individual attention they need to achieve their own personal goals. Small Group Training sessions have only 3-6 participants. This enables the Trainer to give each participant his/her own personal guidance to ensure that they are doing the exercises correctly and at a level suited for them, all while allowing them to share in the cost of the session.

Friends make fitness more fun!